Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 8: Cube Group

Tuesday (October 30) was the last whole class period we had to finish the seats. On Thursday we will have less time and the seats need to be ready, and by then we will have them completely done. During this class period we worked really hard to efficiently utilize the class period. Some of us worked on gluing while others started to cut the top parts that cover the chair. We basically just worked on our second chair since we are almost done with the first one. On Thursday we will just add the final touches (add the tape and finish gluing) to both.

In the picture above we see Calvin and Jaclyn adding/covering the outer part of the seat

Here is Jaclyn measuring the side of the chair to figure out how much cardboard she needs to make the part that will cover the top of the chair.

Here is what Jaclyn came up with. It is a support that is inside the top part of the chair, so that if someone wants to climb or sit there it will be reinforced.

Calvin cutting the pieces of the seat that were sticking out. 
This is how it looks almost completely covered.

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