Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/16 Line Group//It's All Coming together

Today our group got everything finished on our first prototype. Our shape is the straight line from Tetris, however its no ordinary line. Our line transforms into a slide with a ramp, the genius design was from Jess (she killed it!) and was perfectly executed by the rest of our team, Fobes and Annie included.

The day started with cutting and lining up the finial pieces of board, along with taping, glueing and affixing.  While it ended very successfully with the completion of our prototype. Here is Serena, celebrating our team victory of completing the slide today.

Needless to say were pretty excited about our accomplishment and are even more hyped, fired up, excited, stoked, frothy to keep going on our project.

Heres a little excerpt from the past day's work through the Line Group's eyes.


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