Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 6! Cube Group

Today was a work day! We got awesome feed back on our project last Thursday from everyone who came to check out the models, so we had to keep the ball moving and finish our first model! 

Above we have us all working on putting the top layer, which took a team of 3 to hot glue gun and hold down the card board to dry. The process took a lot of time, especially with slitting slits to make the cardboard bend to follow our curves.

Here we have the last photo of the inside of our seat! We were so excited to get the top on and finally sit on both sides! Finishing our first model wasn't even the best part of the day, we got so much done while we were finishing the model. Calvin was great and cut all our parts for us to start putting together tomorrow!

Tuesday was a great day for the cube group, and we are so excited to get going on our next model tomorrow!

Can't wait to see what gets done tomorrow, Gabi Haynie

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