Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 3: L Group

Although group L had not concluded the final structure for the piece, we finally decided what will best fit the space of the lounge. As we did this, we also gave deep thought to what would bring more interest to our piece when placing it next to the other pieces, and how will our piece interact with them. We finally decided to build a more hands-on, interactive piece, rather than a “seating” piece. This means our piece is a little more “untraditional” in structure and function, but it plays an important role as it aesthetically adds variety and interest, not to mention its function is highly child-interactive.

Below there are images of how our final model looks like. The emphasis of our model will be a “French” arch on the front, an entrance to a tunnel where kids can go all the way through the back. On the side view there will be a second French Arch; however, this one will not go all the way through.

Following, also below there are images of our cutting process. We decided to use the band saw as it helped us cut a more "Perfect Arch." 

After adding an extra day to our schedule (we reunited this past Saturday in order keep up with our progress), this is how our support Arch structures finally look like:

.......We lied about the band saw shaping the "Perfect Arch." We actually had to use the sanding machine in order to improve the oval shape of our Arches:

As a team, we are pretty enthusiastic about this project coming along together. After 3 sessions of hard work, we are finally ready to add our Arch structures to their respective walls next class, on day 4. Stay tuned!

-Mayra Hernandez

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