Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 4: S Group

This past Tuesday was our final day to work on our prototypes before our critique on Thursday.  Our group managed to work very efficiently and made a tremendous amount of progress within just a few hours. The first step we accomplished was to finish making the cross hatches that would be placed to function as support for the chair.  Below is a picture of Madalyn using the band saw cut the grooves for the cross hatches.

Once we had the slots cut for the cross hatches we began to put together the frame of the chair which you can see in the following pictures.

After we had placed all of the cross hatches into the frame of the chair, we began to put the exterior pieces of the chair together to hold the entire frame.

While the majority of Group S was assembling the frame of the chair together, Jessica took the initiative to take extra cardboard and make support pieces that we would use to help keep the inside stable. Victor manned the hot glue gun while we were placing the support pieces within the frame.

Our class ended once we finished gluing and placing most of the inner support pieces.  However, most of our group members stayed afterwards to make sure our prototype was finished for Thursday's critique.  Only task left was to place the top cover where people would sit.  Due to the rounded shape and the we had to cover the seating area with two separate pieces of cardboard.  We managed to manipulate the cardboard to the form by slicing small grooves underneath so that it would be able to bend.  The pictures below show Jessica relaxing on our prototype as we were placing the final layers.

Our first chair is almost finished, we just need to place the cover for the bottom of the chair which we will do once we receive more cardboard.  Here is a picture of our final product.

 On Thursday we will have our critique and have a discussion with the coordinators from the Children's Art Museum concerning our progress this far.  We are also expecting to receive more cardboard so that we can complete our first chair and begin on putting the second chair together.

-Jason Tatoy

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