Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 2: Line Group

In today's class (10/9), our group brought in all five of our 1/4 scale models and we discussed the construction, the difficulties, and the successes of each. After talking amongst ourselves, we chose two models to represent our group and share with the rest of the class.
Our five 1/4 scale models.                                                           Narrowed down to two models.

From here, the model on the right (in the picture on the right) was chosen to be our main "chair". Once each group narrowed their models down to one, we set them up and organized them as a class to optimize the space in the New Children's Museum.

We then split back into our groups and began working on our full-size prototypes based on our chosen model. This model is actually not a chair, it is a slide. The main reason we chose this model is because it is different from any of the others and will be very interactive for the children visiting the museum. Also, the ramp can nest back into the slide for easy storage and transportation. This is how the original model was built:

Steps progress from the top left to right. 

Because of the size of the slide, we immediately realized that we will be using a large amount of cardboard. We spent time measuring out the sheets of cardboard and began cutting the angled pieces.

Next class we will continue to cut the sheets and start constructing the slide.

-Jesika Frain

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