Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 7: T Group

Day 7 was another productive day, focused entirely on assembly of two new rocking chairs in the revised shape. T Group is a well oiled machine at this point and with all of our structural pieces precut from previous days, and the knowledge provided by our past mistakes we knew exactly what we needed to do. In fact, we were moving along so quickly we did not get a chance to take pictures of the first steps of assembly (If you would like to see what we did, we used the same techniques in our first two chairs featured in the Day 3 post).

 T Group divided and conquered. Tyler and I (Blake) made initial assembly by fitting the outer walls together and placing a small piece of tape at the corners they form in order to keep them together. We also fit the inner # structure together and placed the outer walls around them. Once that was done, the chair was handed over to Claire and Kelly.

Claire and Kelly had the tedious task of gluing structural supports to every intersection of the outer walls and inner grid. In an effort to use every bit of cardboard we could and minimize waste, these structures were made from leftover scrap from previous cuts. 

Once the inner framework and outer walls were secured, we could then fix the skin on the top and bottom of the chair. Once we had the skin cut to size, we scored it on one side. This allowed the cardboard to conform to the inner and outer curves. We glued them down to the grid and cut away any excess.  

By the end of class, we were almost ready to skin the second chair. Once we do that, we would finish both of the chairs by taping the edges. Its a very exciting time for T Group, we are well on our way to finishing this project.

-Blake Holub

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