Line Group


       Allie Holen                 Serena Leatherman           Andrew Jones              Elizabeth Paredes              Jesika Frain


Our goal is to create a fun and safe seating environment made for kids as well as adults! The finished product is set to be placed in the New Children's Museum, located in Downtown San Diego. Right now our group is focusing on building scale models with regards to ergonomics & the game of Tetris in mind!

Make sure to check back weekly for group progress!

Week 1: October 2nd-4th

                               Serena's Google Sketchup Prototype Models

                      Week 2: October 9th-11th

                                  Line Group Prototype Models & Class Discussion (10/9

                              Production on Cardboard Prototype Begins (10/11)

                       Week 3: October 16th-18th

The cross sections for the inside of the slide to add support.

The prototype- halfway done!

Group page by: Elizabeth Paredes

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