Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 2: T Group

Another day of work completed for the T Group! Today (10/9) serious progress was made! We started out the day by working with our fellow groups to clarify each of our designs. 

Above you can see that we as a class collected each others models and placed them on a large cardboard sheet that is to scale to our actual space. We along with Professor Fobes created a plan for each group and got down to work. 

Before cutting out our actual design we taped together all of the cardboard sheets (which had been cut into 30x30 inch squares with the help of Professor Fobes) and traced out our curved shape. By taping these sheets together we then had the ability to cut them all simultaneously when using the band saw. 

By the end of the class we had all of our curved cross sections ready to go for the next day. Above is a photo of our end result of the days work. In our next class we will build our cross-sections and begin to develop a full scale three dimensional unit. 

-Claire Stokes

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