Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 3: T Group

Day 3 (10/11) was extremely productive. T group is meshing well and working together very efficiently. Today was purely a work day so we put our nose to the grindstone and kept it there until the end of class. First priority was to cut the notches in the straight and curvy pieces so we could fit them together into a grid.

We accomplished this by dividing each group of pieces by thirds and cutting the notches down approximately half way with the band saw. Once that was complete we could begin assembly on the inner structure.

Assembly of the inner structure was a cinch, although we did make the mistake of gluing the pieces together before we had connected them with the outer frame. This was not an insurmountable mistake and we worked around it.

Once the # of inner structure on our two prototypes was complete, we then began work on the outer walls of the chairs, as well as adding structural supports with leftover board at any point where the inner frame met the outer walls. We made sure all of the project was relatively square and the reinforcing support on these points ensured this.

We are well on our way to finishing the prototypes and look forward to completing them on Day 4.

-Blake Holub

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