Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 6: T Group

Day 5 completed! 
After our presentation with the representatives of the children's museum we got straight back to work. With their advice and new design suggestions in mind we set out to improve our "rocking" chair. 
It was a concern of ours and the museums that our piece may have the potential to flip over, causing a bit of a safety hazard.  So we modified our design to create a more stable rocking motion that will eliminate the fear of children toppling over. 

Rather than keep our original shape shown above on the right hand side. We decided to cut down the edges to make a more blunt edge as you can see on the left. After planning we spent our day making new curved pieces to finish our last two modules. We feel now with our amount of experience that we can fly through these next to sections pretty quickly with even better results. We'll keep you updated! 
-Claire Stokes

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