Monday, October 29, 2012

The CUBE - Day 7

Today was very productive as we continued our work on the second seating/tunnel structure. This second time around seemed to go much faster as we learned most of the hard lessons with the first phase. Additionally, our team has been instrumental in building the structures so far with very minimal waste. Nearly all scraps and extra pieces have been used in the construction.

Below is a video interview with Miss Gaby Haynie explaining the versatility of the groups design.

The above images shows us attaching the second tunnel. Since this is a major part of this project, it was step closer in total completion.

The above image shows a little more detail of the incredible ingenuity of our team member, Miss Jaclyn. She came up with the design for the internal support structures for the top of the tunnel.

Once again,  Miss Jaclyn comes up with another unique design for the lower tunnel supports by using the excess circles cut out of the main support pieces. 

~Calvin Mellish

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