Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 5: L Group

With a lot of dedication and effort from the whole group, we were able to make a rough prototype of the finished model for the viewing of SDSU Faculty and New Children's Museum Curators on Thursday. Precision cutting of the cardboard and some improvising allowed our model to be a success but not close to being completed.  Group L will be continuing this effort to make our final model to best it can possibly be.

In the above photo, starting on top, a New Children's Museum Curator analyzes the model with Mr. Fobes, expressing concerns and suggesting other ideas for the project's final outcome. As a class, we layed out the prototypes of how they might be placed if they were in the museum.

 Group L hard at work, each on their own machine, making the most of the time used and working successfully as a team.
The above photo shows the inside of our model, giving the viewer an inside look of what a child will be seeing as they explore the "cardboard submarine".  The french curve at the top adds visual interest to the inside while adding extra support to our model.  This day was successful for our team to get feedback from other students and advisers.  With their feedback,  we as Group L will be able to make the best model possible and hopefully make it more appealing to our real audience, children. 

-Ryan Dalke, you stay classy San Diego

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