Thursday, October 4, 2012

Group S - First workshop

This is the first official blog post from "Group S" with group-members Jessica Linman, Madalyn Lee, Viktor Andersson and Jason Tatoy.
For today's class, the four of us did 1/4 scale models of the chairs we want to build for this project. For the materials we used chipboard, tape and hot melt glue to get the ends to stick together. The concept for this whole project, as a class, is to build chairs that has the same shapes as the Tetris-shapes does. Our group is working with the S-shape, hence the name "Group S". Here's some pictures from today's workshop:

 Here's some sketches made in Google SketchUp, just to get the idea of how these two "chairs" makes a Tetris-S across

 Some pictures from today's workshop when we were working on the scale models.

One almost-finished scale model. All it needs is just something to cover up the top and the bottom.

For Tuesdays class we're going to compare our models and then start working on the full scale prototype.

- Viktor Andersson

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