Monday, November 19, 2012

It All Came Together Perfectly

This was the final day together for the Line Group. We had a fun adventure as a group making this slide, we had challenges and great success throughout this creative process. This started with the design process of cutting up chip board to make models all the way to life sized cardboard lounge furniture. Our groups slide was an instant hit with the "younger" crowd. 

Thanks to Mr. Fobes for making this happen, for a lot of us this was our first museum exhibition and was a valuable experience. We're all looking forward to many more exhibitions just like this. Thanks to all who helped and especially to the New Children's Museum of San Diego for taking a risk by letting this partnership take place. I speak for everyone when I say that this was our most fun project this year.

We are all so grateful for this awesome opportunity.

Enjoy the Cardboard Lounge!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Last day, Cube group!

Thursday November 8th was our last day with our cardboard lounge project! We took all of the lounge chairs to Downtown San Diego to the Museum to set up the display!

Here is our group on both of our lounge chairs!

Here we have Fobes putting up all the group's small prototypes onto a board that is displayed on the wall in the lounge. On this board also gives a great disruption about the project and the process of everything. 

Before I left Thursday, I had the opportunity to see a little boy run towards our group's lounge chair! He was so excited and kept crawling through the tunnel. The feeling I had at this moment was indescribable, the boy was so precious and this moment proved that all the hard work that was put into this project was completely worth it!

Although it was a difficult project, the finishing of everything and it all coming together was a great feeling, Thank you New Children's Museum for giving our class the privilege with working on this project!!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Group S: Day 10

This Thursday, we met up with Mr. Fobes and the rest of our class to install the pieces at The New Children's Museum in downtown San Diego. We've been working hard on this project, and are so pleased with the result, so it was exciting to finally get to see the pieces in place and how they would work with the other groups pieces.

When we came to the museum we first moved all the pieces from the storage room up to the lounge area. When we got them in place we started to work on placement, even though the kids will move them around, we want them to have an original place. We also worked on the big sign that explains the project and work process to the visitors. Last we worked on getting up the lampshades that Mr. Fobes been working on. They really are the perfect touch to the lounge area.

 Lounge, Sketches and the Cardboard Lounge-sign.

The complete sign and one of Mr. Fobes lamps

It was so rewarding to actually see the result of what all the groups have been working on. I think all of us are so proud of what we have accomplished, I know that our group is.

The Cardboard Lounge.

Some of us students stay behind, while other had classes to get back to, and did some finishing touches. Before we left for the day, we actually got to see some kids play in the lounge and moving the stuff around. We thought we knew how they would use all the different pieces when we made them, and we really tried to think like kids do. But when they started to move the stuff around, building things, making obstacle courses, it got so clear to us that it's impossible to try and figure out how they think.

Here's some photos of kids playing in the lounge 

Now the biggest question is: Will any of the pieces break before the opening on Thursday?

Since this probably is our groups last blog post: Thanks for following us! Don't forget to get down to the New Children's Museum and check out the Cardboard Lounge.

Group S from top left: Jason, Madalyn, Viktor and Jessica

A list of all the students taking part in the project

- Viktor Andersson

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 9: Group L Final Post

This is a brief overview of Group L's experience throughout the project leading to the final design, see you at the museum!
-Ryan Dalke

Monday, November 5, 2012

Cube Group- Final Day!

Today was our last day of work! We finished up by first attaching the bottom pieces, second cutting out circular pieces for the outsides of our tunnels and finally taping up all of the edges to make everything look pretty. After class hours and after school hours spent working on the project we are excited and happy with the outcome. We all feel that the pieces will last a good while and will be put to good use.

 Calvin measuring out a piece of tape that will cover the top curve of our seat.

Gabi emerging from the dark cave of our tunnel.

With all of our major work completed, we plan to spend the remainder of our time making all of the pieces perfect! And with the project coming to a close we can finally stretch out and relax on our lounge chair.

- Jaclyn Prebys

Day 9: Line Group

Today was our last day to work on the slide in class and we ended up finishing just about everything. The most significant part we did today was put a double layer on the tops of the slide and the ramp. Because of the extra layer, it will be more sturdy for when children are climbing up and down it.

Mr. Fobes and Serena holding the top layer in place as the hot glue dries. 

Once the extra layers were put on, we taped up the edges that were exposed and cleaned up any fringe from cutting the cardboard. 

All four pieces of the slide placed together the way they will be once they are permanently secured. 

More angles of the slide and Jesika showing how supportive it is. 

As you can see, the slide is mostly complete. Before we transport it to the museum, we have to tape up the ramp and get all the pieces stuck together. We are thinking of using industrial strength velcro so that the pieces can be taken apart when space is limited. We are all very happy with how it turned out and that all our hard work paid off!

-Jesika Frain

Day 8: L Group

(Tuesday, October 30) )
With some of the group working on the 1/4 inch scale model and
other members finishing up the actual full scale model, the
day started off on the right foot.

With the help of Mr. Fobes and some brainstorming of the 
group, we were able to figure out how to bend the cardboard for 
the interior of the model.

Although it took us a while to figure out, we were satisfied 
with the results of the curve. When placed on the inside, it fit perfectly
to the sides and top of the models arch.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Jonathan glued reinforcement pieces
on the interceptions of the model to make it strong enough for 
kids to play around without breaking it. Our TA (to the right 
of the picture) agreed that it needed some kind of reinforcement.

Last but not least, Jenny and Mayra finished the 1/4 
inch scale model. Our group had to adjust this model 
many times due to the various changes and modifications 
we had encounter in the process, however it is finally finished.

Pictures of the finished full scale model coming soon...

-Jonathan Millan