Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 3: Cube Group

Today the Cube group made outstanding progress on our seating prototype. Once completed, this project will be able to provide seating for both adults and children, but also provide a fun tunnel for the kiddo's to climb through.  
- Note: The tunnel is the "central" part of Cube Groups project.

The above image shows a bit the cutting process to create the central structure of the seating, as well as cutting the 18in diameter hole ouf of the center. 

Important Note:  We must give a very special note of thanks to Atlas Construction Supply, Inc of San Diego, CA.  
- After talking with the the manager of the office, I learned he was a retired U.S. Navy Master Chief. SInce I too recently retired from the Navy as a Chief Petty Officer he and I swapped service stories. Long story short, he very graciously donated the two sonotubes that will be used as the tunnel section of our seating project. 

Now that we had the tunnel/tubes we had to be sure that the kiddo's could actually fit through it without getting stuck. Our wonderful classmate, Ryan Dalke volunteered to be our guinea pig. We figured if he could fit through it, most little ones could as well. Thanks Ryan!  

Finally, with our primary support structures cut and prepared, we are now ready to put it all together. Check back soon for the exciting results.

Calvin Mellish 

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