Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 3: Line Group

Today was the cutting the prototype parts before we could assemble everything. The process was getting all of the parts in their correct lengths to make sure that it would come together in the end.

Making cuts for the cross sections. This is the 'skeleton' of the piece, and is what will give it it's shape and strength.

Getting other pieces ready to cut, and starting to assemble the side of the slide.
The main activities of the day was measuring everything and cutting. Unfortunately for us, the triangle that will be the sides of the slide was too long for the band saws, and didn't have an edge where we could cut it on the bandsaw. We had to cut the triangles out by hand, but this provided better straight edge for us than if we did use the big cutting tools. Also done by hand were the spaces for the cross sections. We started on the gluing of a box structure on the side of the slide.
All in all, we ended up cutting all of our parts, and have it ready for assembly for next time.

-Allie Holen

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