Thursday, October 4, 2012

Instructors note 10/4


Tuesday 10/2 we spent a good part of the day brainstorming about the projects and space planning. Given that the Museum is donating 5'x 10' sheets of cardboard, we have decided to work in modules base on 30"x30"x30" cubes. We are working in five teams of fours students each.

The brilliant idea from the students on Tuesday was to use the game of Tetris, as an organizational design scheme. This is brilliant for many reasons, considering our modules are related to the Tetris squares,and that their are five Tetris shapes, and we have five design groups.

Google sketch up model of five Tetris shapes and my Tetris chair


Today I gave a quick and dirty demo of how to make a "sketch" model at 1/4 scale. As part of the 3-D curriculum we teach about mass and void and negative/positive relations ships.
I have asked the students in these first models to consider some type of "nesting" condition that allows for a transformation form a simple three dimensional rectilinear geometry into a more complex form that may be a seating component or play component.

 Google model showing the 30x30x30 cube
and its transformation from its nested volume

Sketch model with nested volume rotated
180 to becomeTetris chair/lounge

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