Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 3: 10/11/12 Group S

Last Thursday was the second to last work day to complete our prototypes for the October 18th critique. We all cooperated well with one another, each member of Group S made valuable contributions during the planning process and the actual measuring and cutting as well. We finalized the outline for the outer frames of our lounge chairs. We had to add a slight curve where the two chairs met in order to fit the large sheets of cardboard through the band saw. Below is a video of Mister Fobes assisting us in cutting the curves, it was a cut that needed to be very precise.

Below is the final outline for the outer frames of the chairs (they stack one on top of the other). There are also two images of the two chairs separated.

After we finished cutting the outer frames, we measured for the hatches in them to slide the horizontal, cross section pieces into. We collectively decided to cut five hatches to in order to construct the lounge chair's grid. We also measured the hatches at irregular intervals to best support the weight of loungers.

 In the above images, the two right ones capture us cutting the cross section hatches.

Next, we measured the varying heights for the horizontal supports, and then cut them with the table saw to ensure straight and accurate lines for each one.

In the end we have four vertical pieces, the ones that create the actual shape for each lounge chair, and seven horizontal pieces, the ones that serve as a means of support for each lounge chair. Each number includes the outer frames.

Below displays the cross hatches, the final shape for the vertical frames of each chair and the five final horizontal pieces that will slide into the vertical ones to compose the support grid. There are five because we have yet to cut the outer horizontal frames.

We have the right amount of cardboard to complete the first lounge chair for the prototype deadline but not enough for the second.

We finalized the total amount of cardboard sheets we need to finish both or lounge chairs, which is 12. We need 4 more.

On Tuesday we will cut two slits in each horizontal piece, and then we will begin the assembly of the grid/support system of the chair with hot glue.

Hopefully we will also have time to cover the grid/support system and in turn complete our prototype and first chair without having to meet outside of our scheduled class time.

-Jessica Linman

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