Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 7 L Group

As we continued to implement the suggestions made by the New Children’s Museum’s curators, the L Group proceeded to happily progress in Day 7. We started out by adding more support to the edges, as this piece has complexity in its exterior, but mostly in its interior. We also had to add more internal grid (in our case, our gridding consists of the arches) in order for the roof to be more resistant and secure for the children. 
Above a photo of one of our colleagues making calculations for gluing the grid to our piece, (among additional touches).

Also, below there is an image that shows the support edges we added to make our piece stronger, and more resistant:

Theoretically, as we had agreed with the curators’ constructive criticism, we cut deeper angles off the edge. To follow with this, we worked and finished our ¼ scale mode. We included this modification to it as well:

Another modification for improving our tunnel was to add an arch to the “entrance.” Below there is a photo of one of our members and Mister Fobes of course, measuring the size of the template that will determine the shape of the entrance:

Finally, as our piece includes 6 tubes inside its structure for aesthetic, practical, and interactive purposes (we don’t want them to be too interactive though, children could stick their heads in them and this can be dangerous). We thus opted (as our curators also suggested) to add a “blockage” to the tubes. We are glad to say that on this day we successfully finished making all six tubes safer for children. We did this by gluing a piece of a narrower tube in its middle:

We are looking forward to continue to work on the final touches for our piece, we are pretty thrilled and honored for this opportunity. Stay tunned for our final results!

-Mayra Hernandez


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