Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 4: Cube Group

October 16, 2012

Today our group made a great progress. We cut the rest of the parts we needed and assembled them. Some of the members of the group worked on cutting the big pieces of cardboard in the cutting room, others worked on cutting the pieces of cardboard that hold the seating together on the inside with a utility knife. After that some started gluing those pieces together with the glue gun. We also cut the openings that interlock or connect the cardboard pieces together.

On the left: Calvin cutting the openings to assemble the cardboard and connect it with the other pieces. On the right: Jaclyn and me cutting and taking measurements.
These are different views of the seating. These images show the assembling progress.

 We added boxes underneath the Sonotube to make sure that the tube is supported really well. We also added other supporting structures on the sides as well as on the top of the Sonotube.

Here is a picture of the way we supported the connecting parts. Gabi glued it with the glue gun and it is not going anywhere. We did this in order to make it more resistant and strengthen the seating.

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