Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 5: Cube Group

Today was THE REVEAL! or reveal of our process so far (that seems more appropriate). After quick organization of our dismantled studio, we laid out our 1/4 scale models in a functional way that both filled the space but did not overwhelm it. The Children's Museum curators as well as fellow students from another design class then met with us to discuss our projects.

After a grand introduction by Mister Fobes, whom explained the concept of our project, we were able to show off our prized possession. The curators seemed pleased by the stability of our structure as well as how we adressed both the child and adult in the seating.

There was a great turn out and everyone enjoyed our design! Upon the end of our meeting, the curators explained their sentiments of everyones' projects but over all they were extremely impressed with what we had accomplished as a class.

Our next couple classes will be filled to the brim with constructing the second piece of our design!

- Excited and a little anxious, Jaclyn Prebys

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