Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 1: Group Orange

Prototype for Cardboard Lounge

During Thursday's class our group created an idea for the prototype of our structure. Since our group has taken on the largest structure in size, we decided we would divide our prototype into 4 sections that would later be assembled into one instead of work separately on 4 different prototypes.
The prototypes will be constructed out of chip board, hot melt glue and tape. Below is an example of the finished product created in google sketch up.As can be seen, the cube shape is only visible from the top, while from eye level the structure is more circular. The structure will ultimately be usable by both children and adults by accommodating seating for both sizes on either side of the hole. The tunnel in the center will be 18 inches in diameter and is able to fit a child inside of.

Below is 1/4 of the prototype for the abstract cube. All four pieces will be assembled during Tuesday's class to create a cube like shape. Each section of the prototype consists of 2 body pieces and 7 structural pieces. The final product will have all pieces, body and structural, interlocking for further stability.


- Jaclyn Prebys

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