Thursday, October 4, 2012

Line Group

Day 1: 10/4
Our group is working on the line shape from our "tetris" idea. For our design we are trying to do something that nests together into one long line/ rectangle shape. Although they may have different cuts and edges they will all fit together to be put back into a line. Today we worked on creating 1/4 scale models. Each person is putting together his or her own idea. We are a group of five people, so we will have five different models, giving us five different ideas. By having all these ideas we can narrow it down to the one that we feel will fit in the cardboard lounge the best. 
These are google sketch up sketches of my idea. It is two benches that will be able to nest back together into one line. The lower levels of the benches will be for children, while the upper level of benches will be for the adults. 

This is Andrew's model in process. The item toward the front is a rounded lounge and in the back is an ottoman to put your legs up on. As you can see we are using the cross sections of cardboard to keep the structure sturdy. 

-Elizabeth Paredes

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