Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 4: T Group

Day 4: Today was a giant leap for the T group. We successfully secured all of the perimeter pieces to the inner supports. To do this, we bent strips of cardboard at 90 degree angles and glued them so that the two surfaces connected the supporting pieces to the wall pieces.

Adding the top a bottom pieces to the proved to be a bit more challenging. We originally intended to use a single sheet for the top and a single sheet for the bottom. Unfortunately,a piece was measured wrong,and we had to correct this mistake by using two separate pieces for the top. To do this, we cut two sheets and glued tabs on one of the supporting pieces for them to be attached to so they would meet in the middle.

Once we glued the tabs on, laying down the top cover was not too difficult. We sliced the top sheets on the undersides to allow them to bend easier and glued along the edges of the supports and perimeter as we laid them down.We then cut off any overhang around the edges.
 Finally, we applied water activated tape around all of the edges to secure the outside and make it a more polished project.
 The chair is now ready for the prototype presentation. We still have to put a sheet on the bottom, so the chair will not be usable on both sides as of right now. The chair rocks pretty well, we have been having fun testing it out.

- Tyler Pierce

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