Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 5: Group S

Today, we had a meeting with the New Children's Museum curators and any SDSU faculty/students that were interested in this project.

Before the project, as a class we laid out our 1/4 scale model and arranged them in a way that everyone agreed on. After arranging the 1/4 scale models, we laid out the prototypes the same way.

The curators as well as the Visual Presentation II class came to see our progress on the cardboard lounge. Mister Fobes briefly explained the project to everyone and from there we separated into our groups. After a brief overview, everyone that came to the meeting was able to go to each group and check our their prototypes.  We discussed some things about our prototypes like who it was fit for, children or adults, what else we needed to add, if it was durable, etc. 

Here are photos of a few people relaxing on our lounge chair! Everyone seemed to be impressed with how comfortable the chair was as well as its durability!

At the end of the meeting, the curators briefly talked about what they saw and told us that they were really happy with our progress and how exciting they were to see all the final products! 

For the next few classes, we will be finishing up our second cardboard chair.

-Madalyn Lee

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