Monday, October 29, 2012

Group S - Day 7

On day 7 of creating our cardboard lounge chairs we worked quickly and efficiently. We worked well as a group, and began noting and making small adjustments from the first chair to the second in an attempt to lengthen the life of our them. We also noticed that the second chair is coming together much faster now that we all know the exact process.

We began the class by checking with Mister Fobes to make sure that we had enough internal supports for the first chair, and that they were well glued. After receiving the okay on the first chair, we then began gluing together the internal grid of the second chair, and adding in the necessary supports in each corner.

After completing the internal grid we cut and glued the top of the chair (the part that visitors will lounge on). Which took three glue guns in order to avoid the glue drying too fast for us to attach the top to the exterior walls and internal grid.

Once we attached the top, we unfortunately had to shave off some of it so that it fit perfectly to the exterior cardboard walls. The bottom right image depicts a new internal support that Vik devised to better support the top piece, and make sure that no one will possibly fall through.

The last image is of our two identical lounge chairs. Within the final two work days we will attach the bottom cardboard sheets to enclose the entire chair. The last step will be to cover the edges with tape to clean up it all up, and prevent some of the wear and tear they will endure once installed at the New Children's Museum.

-Jessica Linman

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