Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Group S: Day 6

After the meeting and critique with the curators from the museum, we were excited to get to work again this Tuesday and apply the feedback into the project.

Since we're not quite done with the first chair, Jessica kept going on that one and made it more sturdy by putting in more support in form of small pieces of cardboard. By putting them in the corners of the squares inside the chair, it gets more stable and reliable.

While Jessica was putting the finishing touches on the first chair; Me, Madalyn and Jason started working on the second chair. Because we cut the big pieces for both chairs from the start, we started to work on the intersecting pieces. Since we done this once before, on the first chair, we knew what to do which saved us time. We also toke into consideration what we could have done better on the first chair. For example, on the first one we didn't really measure the outer pieces to each other and in the end they were a bit uneven, this was a problem and we had to make big adjustments later on when we were putting the top part on.

We actually had time to put the intersecting pieces together and glued the outer ones on. We also started to put in the supporting cardboard for the corners.

 In the big picture on the right you can see the first chair in the back and in the front Madalyn and Jason is working on the second one.

Here's a small video we put together yesterday with Jessica answering some questions:

All in all we made some big progress and we're really getting comfortable working as a group.

In the next class we will probably keep working on the second chair and hopefully we get as far with that one as we are on the first one. Then we can work on taping the edges and putting on the bottom layers next week.

- Viktor Andersson

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