Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 2- Group S

For today's class (10/9), the first thing that we did was share our completed 1/4 scale models of our chairs. From there, we picked 2 of the models to represent our shape "S". 

As a class, we arranged all of the chairs that we picked with the space that represented New Children's Museum area. The first initial arrangement was very clustered, as a class we figured that there was too much going on and not enough space for people to roam around. We eliminated some of the chairs, and kept the ones that everyone liked the most. This created more space and less clutter. 

As a class we reached an agreement and decided which of the 1/4 scale prototypes we would make in full scale model. For our full scale model, we picked the prototype that nests together to create a rectangle, but becomes 2 separate lounge chairs when you take them apart. Below is a picture of the model that we will be making into a full size model. 

For the remainder of class, we started drawing out our chair on a 30" x 60" cardboard sheet, which is full size. As a group we decided on mesurements and angles that would work better for the chair. 

On Thursday we will finalize the measurements and cut out all of pieces that we need to complete the full size model. 

-Madalyn Lee

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