Wednesday, October 10, 2012

L Group- Day 2 (10/9)

Being the pioneers of any new project, there are always obstacles to be encountered and overcome. On our second day, our class worked together to find the best solution for the limited space and materials. As a result, our team's original ideas needed to be adjusted. 
Below are some of sketches and designs for the new cardboard piece:
This sketch is based off one our group member's 1/4 scale model. Johnathan had created a rectangular model that had a circular tunnel running through it. Although his design would not work for the space available, our group used some elements of this design for the new concept. Below is a Google sketch up done by Johnathan:
In the group photo below, the white structure is the idea of what we'll be starting with for a design. From there we'll be modifying it to include the graphic model above. .

 With this concept, our group is hoping to create an interactive and playful piece to add to the installation at the NCM. More photos and progress to be seen!
By, Jenni Shipley

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