Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 9: T Group

Mission Accomplished!!! We have completely our four rocking chairs and we are all so proud with the finished product.  Through thick and thin we stuck together and made a pretty amazing product.  It makes we feel good when you not only finish a long enduring project, but know that it will be a part of something greater then just our classroom.

The day consisted of some short, very easy tasks.  First, finishing the taping of the edges of the fourth and final chair.  After that was completed we went around to all four chairs making sure the edges were in tip top shape, before we send them off to get "man handled" by kids of all ages.

After completing that simple task our professor came around to check the product and gave us the thumbs up.  When then got a chance to mess around with them our selves.  We experimented with the different ways to stack and maneuver them.  They actually are a lot of fun to not just sit on but play with and be creative.  I personally believe this exhibit will be  a great addition to New Children's Museum.  

At the end here I have included a short clip of an interview on some basic questions having to do with the overall project. 
        1. How does it feel to be completed with this project?
        2. What are some obstacles you had to overcome, and how were they fixed?
        3. If you could change something about this project what would it be?

T Group Interview

-Kelly O'Sullivan

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