Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 9: Line Group

Today was our last day to work on the slide in class and we ended up finishing just about everything. The most significant part we did today was put a double layer on the tops of the slide and the ramp. Because of the extra layer, it will be more sturdy for when children are climbing up and down it.

Mr. Fobes and Serena holding the top layer in place as the hot glue dries. 

Once the extra layers were put on, we taped up the edges that were exposed and cleaned up any fringe from cutting the cardboard. 

All four pieces of the slide placed together the way they will be once they are permanently secured. 

More angles of the slide and Jesika showing how supportive it is. 

As you can see, the slide is mostly complete. Before we transport it to the museum, we have to tape up the ramp and get all the pieces stuck together. We are thinking of using industrial strength velcro so that the pieces can be taken apart when space is limited. We are all very happy with how it turned out and that all our hard work paid off!

-Jesika Frain

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