Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 8: L Group

(Tuesday, October 30) )
With some of the group working on the 1/4 inch scale model and
other members finishing up the actual full scale model, the
day started off on the right foot.

With the help of Mr. Fobes and some brainstorming of the 
group, we were able to figure out how to bend the cardboard for 
the interior of the model.

Although it took us a while to figure out, we were satisfied 
with the results of the curve. When placed on the inside, it fit perfectly
to the sides and top of the models arch.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Jonathan glued reinforcement pieces
on the interceptions of the model to make it strong enough for 
kids to play around without breaking it. Our TA (to the right 
of the picture) agreed that it needed some kind of reinforcement.

Last but not least, Jenny and Mayra finished the 1/4 
inch scale model. Our group had to adjust this model 
many times due to the various changes and modifications 
we had encounter in the process, however it is finally finished.

Pictures of the finished full scale model coming soon...

-Jonathan Millan

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