Monday, November 12, 2012

Last day, Cube group!

Thursday November 8th was our last day with our cardboard lounge project! We took all of the lounge chairs to Downtown San Diego to the Museum to set up the display!

Here is our group on both of our lounge chairs!

Here we have Fobes putting up all the group's small prototypes onto a board that is displayed on the wall in the lounge. On this board also gives a great disruption about the project and the process of everything. 

Before I left Thursday, I had the opportunity to see a little boy run towards our group's lounge chair! He was so excited and kept crawling through the tunnel. The feeling I had at this moment was indescribable, the boy was so precious and this moment proved that all the hard work that was put into this project was completely worth it!

Although it was a difficult project, the finishing of everything and it all coming together was a great feeling, Thank you New Children's Museum for giving our class the privilege with working on this project!!


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